Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the app?

To download the app, you may click here or visit the App Store on your iPhone and search “PhoneLynk”

Can I have more than one number?

Heck ya! That’s what is built for, create as many phone numbers as you’d like. Just go to Settings, select “Phone Numbers” and click the plus button to find your new number in a matter of seconds!

How many phone numbers can I create?

As many as you want! You can have just one phone number or you can have 100, whatever you need to take control of your phone. Just go to Settings, select “Phone Numbers” and click the plus button to find your new number in a matter of seconds!

How many CallLynks can I have?

As many as you want! Yes, we’re serious. CallLynks are a little “gift” we include with all our accounts. Create 1 or 100, it’s up to you!

Can I use an existing phone number with PhoneLynk?

Yes, we can port your existing phone number and you can use it with PhoneLynk. For more info see Number Porting

Can I create customized voicemail greetings?

Yes. allows you to have a separate customized voicemail greeting for each phone number.

Click here to see how.

How do I delete (retire) a number?

When you are finished with a phone number you may retire (delete/burn) that number.

Can I recover a retired number?


After a number is retired there is normally a short window of time where it can be recovered, but there is no guarantee of how long that window will be. If you would like to attempt to recover a retired number follow the instructions on the following link.

Recovering a Retired Phone Number

Can I make international calls?

Not yet, but this is on our list of features to add.

I'm not receiving incoming calls or text messages, why?

This is probably because iOS Notifications are disabled for PhoneLynk. The PhoneLynk app utilizes Notifications to detect incoming calls and texts.

Try enabling Notifications and restarting the PhoneLynk App.

Click here for instructions on enabling Notifications

I’m getting notifications that my number is offline. What am I doing wrong? numbers can be manually set to Offline or Online. This can be done for voice calls or text messages.

To update go to Settings > My Numbers, select your number then switch the phone from offline to online.

What is your privacy policy?

Click here to view our Privacy Statement

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