Tired of Your Landline, but Want to Keep Your Number?

Landline Alternative by PhoneLynk

Drop Your Landline Bill,
Keep the Number

Landlines are expensive and inconvenient to have, but so many of us keep our landlines because we’ve shared that phone number for so long with so many people. PhoneLynk has created the best landline alternative that helps you save money without losing your phone number.

  • Save Money Every Month
  • Keep Your Landline Phone Number
  • No Downtime During Transition
  • Share the landline across multiple mobile phones
  • Put your landline on “Do Not Disturb”, but still see who calls

How Does it Work?

Phone numbers can be moved from one provider to another so your number can follow you. For example, if you move your mobile provider from AT&T to Verizon you can keep your number. Most people don’t realize this can also be done with your landline. It’s easy and there’s no charge!

All you have to do is signup with PhoneLynk and submit at “Porting” request. It’s that easy!

Moving to a New City?
With PhoneLynk You Don't Have to Lose Your Number!

Landline phones have always been tied to the city you live in. This is frustrating because sometimes just moving across a city limit can cause you to lose a number you’ve had for many years. PhoneLynk Porting allows you to re-assign the number as a second number on your cell phone so you can take it with you!

Drop Your Landline and Start Saving Money!

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